Aliso Villas HOA

During the years of 1971 thru 1975 the Mission Viejo Company built the Aliso Villas Condominium Association.  The two phase community was completed in 1975.

The community of Aliso Villas Condomium Association is also known as Aliso Villas I and was completed in 1973.  Built in six separate "neighborhoods", each consisting of five different models,  each with a different selling price as each neighborhood became available for sale, thereby establishing a new assessment as each new section was completed.  The assessments were based on 1 - 1 1/2 % of the original selling price which is why the different levels of pricing were created.  Originally, there were THIRTY (30) different levels!  It made for one heck of a time for the management company at billing time.  Over the years, the different levels have been reduced for ease of handling and we currently have 5 different levels.

There are a total of 424 units in the community.  You should be proud to live in a beautifully well-maintained property that has, over the years, continued to provide a home for the moderate to mid-income new homeowner and continues to increase in value over the years.  With the current economy it may not seem like such a bargain, but by continuing to pay your assessments and holding onto your home during this rough period, you will come out ahead in the coming years.

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